Our history

Maison Primitive was born of a love of travel, serendipity and encounters, and a taste for beauty.

Maison Primitive’s first steps, since its official creation in 2023, have been in African territories, and more specifically in Morocco, in this land of contrasts and riches first trodden by my grandfather over 20 years ago.

Maison Primitive is first and foremost the word “Maison”, i.e. the dwelling, the outer, structural envelope, but it’s also and above all the idea of home, of intimacy. Associated with the word “Primitive”, which refers to Origins, to what is ancient and authentic, we wanted to create bridges between the intimate and the out-of-doors, between tradition and innovation, between here and there.

Our collection of unique objects inspired by art(isanat) from elsewhere is selected with passion and with the desire to take you into our world, and perhaps help you to magnify your own?

We look forward to sharing a piece of history together.



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