Chakki table


The Story:
Originally, “chakki” tables were well known in Indian culture and were an indispensable tool, particularly in rural areas, for grinding grain to obtain the flour essential for Indian cuisine.
Today, the wooden tables, separated from their grindstones, are used as coffee tables or decorative elements.
They have become a source of inspiration for Moroccan craftsmen, who have made them an iconic part of their craft.

This chakki table is adorned with hand-engraved geometric motifs. Turned legs with finely chiseled details support the circular top, itself bordered by a decorative frieze that testifies to the meticulous craftsmanship of Moroccan artisans.

Each piece is unique.

Use it as a side table, bedside table or to highlight decorative objects.

Features :
Dimensions : Diameter: 59cm // Height: 29.5cm
Material: Solid wood
Origin: Morocco (inspired by India)
Care: Clean with a soft, dry cloth; avoid direct exposure to water and heat.

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