Berber door #4


The story: At the heart of Berber craftsmanship is the traditional door, which serves not only as a passageway, but also as a canvas for expressing Amazigh identity and pride.
The carved Amazigh motifs that adorn these doors are not mere decorations, they are loaded with meaning, telling stories of life, nature, beliefs and the history of the Berber peoples.
Each motif represents natural elements such as the sun, moon and stars, or more abstract concepts such as fertility, protection and eternity.
These symbols convey the values and teachings of the elders.


Material(s) : Solid wood
Form: arched lintel
Opening: Single leaf with wooden handle and closure
Origin: Middle Atlas (Morocco)

Each handmade model is unique and may have imperfections that give it its charm.”

Dimensions :

Door: H239cm x W100cm x 7cm thick

Threshold: none

Passage: 205cm x 86cm

Opening to the inside

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