Malian Gate #1


History: Dogon doors, native to the Mali region, are famous for their aesthetic beauty and rich symbolism, reflecting the beliefs and traditions of the Dogon people. These doors are carved from wood and are used to protect the entrances to attics or houses.

Here are a few motifs frequently found on Dogon doors and their meanings:

The lizard: A symbol of prosperity and fertility, the lizard is often depicted in Dogon art as a harbinger of good harvests and wealth.
The snake: Associated with knowledge, wisdom and rebirth, the snake is a recurring motif, symbolizing the duality of nature and protection against malevolent spirits.
Human figures: These figures often represent ancestors, illustrating the importance of filiation, respect for tradition and continuity between the living and the dead.
Geometric motifs: circles, squares and diamonds, have various meanings, including the universe, cosmic order, and aspects of Dogon daily life. These motifs can also represent fields, evoking agriculture and subsistence.
The Kanaga mask, used in ritual dances, represents the balance between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the material, playing a crucial role in mediation between the living and the ancestors.
The sun and stars symbolize the importance of celestial cycles in Dogon life, guiding agricultural seasons and rituals.

Each door is unique, reflecting the beliefs and values of the family for which it was created, acting as a guardian of ancestral wisdom.

Features :

Material(s) : Solid wood
Origin: Mali (Dogon tribe)

Ideal as a frieze, headboard or against a wall.


H177 x W75cm

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